Important Safety Information


Electric Bottle Warmer

We have identified a safety issue with the Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle and Food Warmer sold in the USCanada and Mexico. An image of the product is below. Baby and parent safety is at the heart of everything we do, so we are taking this very seriously.

If you own this product, please unplug it and stop using it immediately.

Please read our FAQs below to confirm if your product is affected and follow the instructions below to receive your replacement warmer. 

This announcement applies only to products in the US, Canada and Mexico. The product is sold on its own and also in kits. No other products in the Tommee Tippee range are affected.


We have two Tommee Tippee types of electric warmers. Only one is affected by this issue. The image below identifies the warmer style affected.

Electric bottle and food warmer product effected

If your unit has ‘Min’ on the dial instead of ‘0’ it may also be affected. If you have a product which does not match this picture then it is safe to keep using and you don’t need to read any further down this page.

If you do have the warmer pictured above, please check the base of the unit for the printed batch code and “UL” logo.

Batch Code Image

If your unit does not have both the “UL” logo and “GY” at the end of the batch code (as shown above in red) then it is safe to continue using and not subject to this recall.

If your unit has both the “UL” logo and “GY at the end of the batch code, please check the numbers in the batch code (as shown above in green). These numbers are in the format MMYY, so 0815 in the picture is August 2015. Please ignore any letters before the highlighted numbers.

All batch codes from April 2016 (0416) onwards are not affected and your bottle warmer is safe to continue using.

If you have an earlier batch code, your product is affected. Please unplug and stop using it immediately and we will send you a replacement. Please read our FAQs below and follow the instructions at the bottom to request your replacement warmer.




I have the product in this image, what should I do?

Unplug the unit and do not use it. Follow the steps below to receive your replacement.

My bottle warmer appears to be okay. Can I continue to use it?

No. You should unplug the unit and not use it. You should participate in the recall and replace your product with the new bottle warmer that we will send to you.

Is there a way I can fix/repair the product myself?

No. You should participate in the recall and replace the bottle warmer.

I have this product in a kit. Is it the same one?

This product is sold in a number of starter kits (including the Complete Starter Kit and All in One Newborn Kit). Please see the image of the unit to identify if you have the affected unit.

Do I need to send my current product back?

No. However, we do require photographs. Once you have completed the steps below you can dispose of your warmer.

What is the problem with the product?

There is a manufacturing issue that could stop safety features from working properly. These features are designed to prevent overheating.

How do I get a replacement?

It’s easy, just follow the steps below.

Do I need my receipt to receive a replacement?

No. Regardless of whether you bought your unit or received it as a gift you do not need a receipt to receive your replacement.

Do I need to pay for shipping?

No. The replacement will be sent to you free of charge.

My product was in a kit

You only need to send back the warmer from the kit. No other products are affected.

How long will it take to get a replacement?

We will aim to deliver your replacement in 10 days from receipt of your email.

I have other questions, can I speak to someone?

Yes, we have a Toll-free number available for you to call our Careline on 01 800 34 27 269.


How to receive your replacement Electric Food and Bottle Warmer


Step 1

Unplug the unit. Write today's date and your last name on the front and take a photograph of the item, including the power cord. Next, carefully cut the power cord. For the second photograph turn the unit upside-down so you can see the bottom and fix the severed cord in one of the slots. Write your last name and date on the unit again. See examples below.

Step 2

Email your images along with the following details to

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
Step 3

We will confirm your request by sending a confirmation email that your replacement warmer is on its way. Once you receive this you can dispose of the unit in your photo.


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